Open Practice July 20

Open Practice July 20

Time: 6:30-10:30(lights off at 10:35 strict)
Pits: $15.00 (no  discounts, no passes)        Minimum age in pits is 12
Grandstand Gates open at 5 pm: $5.00. Kids 10 and under free.

This is an open practice, all race cars will be allowed, including other tracks. Must have all safety equipment and raceceivers.

Track will be fully prepared to the best of our ability. (tacky)

The expense of this is the same as a race, short of the purse. We need a lot of participation if we are to consider this again, please share and notify people without social media.

Note: This is being done as a way to say thanks to our customers, you.
We are charging  minimal fees to cover expenses, if this is a problem, remember this is optional. Thanks