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2013 Rattlesnake Hare Scrambles.
Hello and welcome to this year’s 2013 event. This, as always, is a very spectator friendly venue, with our massive start in the infield of Wythe Raceway and the bikes wide open charge down the long straights and sideways drifts through the high banks of the clay oval. Excitement is just a helicopter ride away!

Friday–6pm, gates open. We will be offering extended gate hours for your convenience. Camping is a flat $10. Gate is $5/person under 6 free.
12am, gate close

Saturday–7am, gates open
12pm-3pm, sign-up opens,   basic practice for Mini/C/B/A fee is $10. Horizon from 3pm-4pm, no fee.
NOTE: You must have your gate credentials to sign up for practice!!
12am–gates close.

Sunday–7am, gates open, sign-up open for all events.
8:30am, Event 1, Super Mini and Mini, 6 classes ages 9-15, duration ~1 hour
9:00am, Event 2, Horizon Riders, 5 classes ages 4-13. (runs on a separate track) duration ~1 hour
10:45am, Event 3, Morning Event, 12 classes, this is the first adult event. Rider Skill, mixed but mostly “C”. Duration, ~1.5 hours.
1:30pm, Event 4, Afternoon Event, referred to many as the Main Event, rider skill, AA/A/B, 14 Classes. Duration, ~2 hours.

4pm, awards presentations, lots of talk, some truth stretching, self-reflection, the dreaded drive home.



A super-spectator friendly motorcycle race that includes  the infield of Wythe Raceway, an obstacle course, trails through the woods 6-10 miles long. 350+ riders! 1000 fans!
Riders begin the event by lining up by rows of various classes on the starting grid in the infield. A green flag is dropped for each row(class), the class begins by a drag race down pit road towards turn one and out on the high-banks of the dirt super-speedway. As the riders come sliding through turn three they have to brake hard enough to scrub off the high speeds encounted on the backstraights and enter the infield section of the course. 
 Consisting of multiple turns and straightaways, riders duel each other for the lead position! After the battle of the “turn and burn” in the infield course the riders exit the infield via the paved road that leads into the pits. 
The riders then begin the portion of the woods loop, depending on the group that is racing the loop will be anywhere from 5 miles to 10 miles. After about 20-30mins of negotiating the tight woods, open trails, down hills, up hills the riders will be nearthe end of the woods loop and as they ease their way back to the track area they then must meat the challange of  a section of man-made obstacles will call endurocross.
 The endurocross sections consist of rocks that weigh anywhere from 5 pounds-1000 pounds, rocks so big that you might even have both feet on top of them pushing your motorcycle as it spins. Huge tires to climb up and over, truck tires to dodge in and around. Logs placed all about just so in case the riders is feeling jubilant enough at this point, They get to cross a wonderful log that came outta no where. Jumps, we have jumps over water holes and logs, or you can be safe and ride through the water, but what may lurk beneath?!  If the riders have survived this ordeal so far then they  turns towards the scoring area.
 The Scoring trailer is setup to read the transponders that all the riders are wearing. The transponder is a small black plastic tube that has had the riders number preprogrammed in to it. When the riders approach scoring they pass by an antenna, the antenna picks up the info from the transponder, and sends it to a computer. Thus completes the first lap. You ready for 3 more?. 

Full concessions by Wythe Raceway.