8-25-2018 NRV Furniture UCAR 100 Feature Winners

8-25-2018 NRV Furniture UCAR 100 Feature Winners

8-25-2018 NRV Furniture UCAR 100 Feature Winners

As the racers prayer was being prayed fellow racers and friends took a last lap around the half mile oval, a tribute for a great man. Mike Keith had been racing at Wythe Raceway for twenty-five years and had taken over 125 wins home. Mike Keith will always be in the hearts of every driver and fan and will be missed dearly.

Within the first lap of racing, the Pro Mini class showed the mood of the night with guys making if four wide coming down the backstretch. By lap three they had settled in comfortable spots and took on the track single file. Kevin Atwell, Rural Retreat held the front running position with pressure from Travis Harden, Marion for most of the fifteen-lap feature. Chuck Kinzer, Woodlawn rode a smooth race behind the battle for first with a battle behind him for fourth. Shane King, Wytheville and Tim Taylor banged their way around the speedway. On lap fourteen Harden had a mechanical issue and was stalled on the front stretch before the checkered flag. Atwell took home the win followed by King, Kinzer, Taylor and Brad Carpenter, Lancing NC for the top five.

Kenny Peeples Jr showed his dominance once again over the caution free FASTRACK Late Model feature with a huge gap on second place car Benji Hicks from Mt Airy NC. By lap fifteen Peeples had already found and passed the last car on the lead lap. Lap nineteen showed Tyler Arrington, Honaker taking second place away from Hicks after a short dispute for the position. Finishing order was Peeples, Arrington, Hicks, Brent Hilton, Rural Retreat and Randy Kinder from Radford.

The hardest pushing, hardest battles of the night always come from the R&C Super Street drivers, but the number one position never changed hands on the backstretch score board. The winner had already been chosen and everyone was running for second place. A single file race became the first scene until the first caution came on lap seven for Michael Deskins a driver from Tazewell spinning in turn one and two. Keith Griffitts from Sugar Grove was uncatchable all night. Lap fourteen showed the yell0w flag for Terry Sharp, Woodlawn spinning also in turns one and two. On the restart Dale Hancock, Atkins took his car into the turn a little to hot and used Griffitts as a guard rail and ultimately spun himself out. Griffitts crossed the finish line on the race track but Mike Keith crossed the finish line home winning the race of life and was awarded the checkered flag and trophy as honorary winner for his last race. Griffitts was more than welcoming of taking home second place followed by David Peeples, Rural Retreat Sean Corr, Goshen NY, Deskins, and Kevin Cox, Ceres.

Wythe Eye Modified drivers put on a show for the fans with Jason Powers, Marion taking an early lead for the first seven laps with Morgan Widener, Marion and J.R. Davis, Crockett behind him disputing second behind Powers until the caution flag was displayed for Heath Martin. On the restart Davis got into Tam Topham, Wytheville in turn three, spun from second place in front of the field and was unable to recover and the caution was thrown again. The next restart led Topham taking the front running position and Powers got shuffled back to fourth. Topham took the flag stand first followed by Widener, Powers, Cody Cook, Newland NC and Davis.

The name of the game, NRV Furniture UCAR 100 was the barn burner of the night. Twenty-two cars were eligible to start this race on rules with only nine finishing and only four out of the nine on the lead lap. Brian Tate, Wytheville took an early lead with Daniel Wright also a Wytheville driver keeping pace leaving the rest of the field. Everyone keeping the first laps calm drove a single file race just trying to stay out of trouble. Lap twelve saw the first yellow flag for Christie Atwell, Rural Retreat turning going into turn one and hitting the wall. Travis Quesenberry, Atkins a front runner got sideways coming out of turn four slamming the inside retaining wall on lap twenty-four but was able to continue. Andrew Hudgins, Bluewell WV brought out the next caution for a mechanical issue and stalled in turn four on lap thirty. On the restart James Graybeal, Rural Retreat took the lead from Tate.  Caroline King, Wytheville caused a caution spilling fluid resulting in Dakota Wilson, Rural Retreat using Jacob Tomas, Marion as a guard rail and straight into the wall ending Thomas’s night.  After a couple more yellow flags we saw a red light for a wreck involving King and Hunter Buchanan also from Wytheville going into turn three as King ended up on her side in a nasty situation. Lap fifty-three saw both Tate and Austin Hedrick stale on track with issues ending both of their nights. With only twelve cars left after fifty-five laps came a long green flag stretch and the battle for the third place was rough and bumpy. As Wright and Graybeal were way ahead Ethan Atwell, Wytheville Quesenberry and Britt Johnson, Chilhowie disputed the rights to position three, four and five. Johnson had it in the bag until lap eighty when he came up with a flat tire. A caution came with only two laps left to go Graybeal and Wright had a run for the money on the green, white, checkered with Graybeal coming out on top. The nine cars who finished in order was Graybeal, Wright, Atwell, Ricky Ward, Marion Cole Dutton, Marion Dakota Wilson, Kayla Surber, Sugar Grove James Dunn, Princeton WV, and Johnson. Dakota Wilson won the one-hundred-dollar hard charger award from Valley County Store of Saltville.

Next week join our Wythe Raceway family on Sunday night Sept 2 for the Pro Late Model Nationals and Pro Modified Nationals on the high banked ½ mile clay oval.