Attention Wythe Raceway Fans.

I know that you will find it hard to believe but we have received a lot of questions. The number one question is: When are we going to race? And the number one answer is: We do not know  at present but we will follow all of the State Health department rules and regulations. We will try to have an open practice during the week before we the race if possible. 
We will keep you posted on the status of the CARQUEST CAR SHOW in Rural Retreat that is scheduled for April 4th. Same goes for the first race that is scheduled for April, 10, 2020.
We have had a lot of rain but Peery will have the track in excellent shape. Another positive outlook is that all drivers, crews and others will have had plenty of time to have their ready car ready for an exciting season. If you have not sent in an entry do it now, please.
Some 2020 entries: UCAR;  Jon Gray 9J; Jon Keyes 11; John Calhoun 12c;Britt Johnson 12; Dawn Fogelsong 12f; James Suggs 20; Ricky Ward 34; Ryan Shelton 8; 
SUPER STREET: Eddie Bentley 3: Jerry Dillow 8; Keith Griffitts 40; Cody Rhymer 73; 54 Jason Johnson 54; Michael Deskins 88. PRO MODIFIED: Justin Blevins 50; Jason Johnson 54.
PRO MINI: Shane King 11; Andrew Hudgins 7h; Shawn King 11; Billy Harris 24; Travis Harden 72; Brian Tate 79; KCAR: Ryan Suggs 20; Vintage Modified: Brian Tate; Gregg Crouse 67.
Vintage Sportsman: 2020 Wythe Raceway Entries are on WytheRaceWay,com may be downloaded.  2020 Entry Form