09/03/21 Penalties: August 28, 2021

09/03/21 Penalties: August 28, 2021

09/03/21 Penalties: August 28, 2021

Tanner Tate: UCAR
Reckless endangerment.
Unapproved Muffler.

$100.00 Fine
Probation throughout season 2022


ATTENTION DRIVER: DO NOT Stand on the Banks in Pits,
Do Not Stand on Bank in the Front stretch or Back Stretch.

 K&K Insurance Notice: You must be at least 25 feet back from front straight banking. NO ONE is permitted to stand on the bank from turn 4 to turn 1 or turn 2 to turn 3.

This is per our insurance company. K&K insurance once again provided us with signage. This is serious, and violators will be dealt with likewise. K&K will cancel our insurance. Insurance rates would skyrocket, and we will not race. There will be penalties, fines, disqualifications, and ejections from premises.

ATTENTION DRIVER: Exiting Tech Build,

When exiting the tech building in your racecar, please be AWARE of pedestrians that you cannot see walking by the garage door and around t­he building from the restrooms, they cannot see or hear you either. Please be very careful and drive slowly as you exit. Kids, families, friends and loved ones walk & travel that path regularly to the concession and restrooms.