Profiles – Pro Mini

#72 Travis Harden

Drivers Hometown: Marion Va.
Car Owner: Harden Motorsports
Crew Members: Rick & Connie Harden {Dad & Mom) Kayla & Daniel Able
Years In Racing:10
Sponsors:Harden Motorsports, Marion Kwik Lube & Campbell General Cont.
Family: Samantha (wife) Katilyn & Khloe (daughters)
Job Info: Woodgrain Millwork
Racing Accomplishments: 2014 – 6 wins
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#9 Chris Martin

Drivers Hometown:marion va
Car Owner:chris martin
Crew Members:chris bentley,donna bentley,kyleen golliher, jr martin ,dustin bentley
Years In Racing:10
Sponsors:3 daddys taxidermy, willard farms llc, cedars body shop, robinsons rod shop, bkc towing&recovery, surber designs
Job Info:utility trailor mfg & custom fabrication
Racing Accomplishments: couple win, 8 cosecutive years with 5th place over all point
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#20 – Steele Scott

Drivers Hometown:Rural Retreat
Car Owner:Dennis Scott
Crew Members: Dad Popaw Mom Mikey
Years In Racing:2
Sponsors:N.d.m Machine
Family: Dad Mom Sister Popaw
Job Info:Machinist
Racing Accomplishments:Rookie of the year 2013, 3rd place in the first race of the 2014 season
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