Profiles – UCar

#96 – Michael Yates

Drivers Hometown: North Tazewell, VA
Car Owner : Lisa Yates
Crew Members: Bernard Sisk
Years In Racing: 1 year
Sponsors: Riverjack Recyling
Job Info:
Racing Accomplishments:
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#3 – Bradley Griffey

Drivers Hometown:sailtvill
Car Owner:
Crew Members:
Years In Racing:2
Job Info:
Racing Accomplishments:5 time go-kart champ
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#96 – Tamara Armstrong

Drivers Hometown: Marion Virginia
Car Owner: Larry Dowell
Crew Members: Larry, Tyler & Dustin Dowell, Shirley & Trevor Armstrong, Renee Blevins, Jacob, Ricky & Tammy Thomas
Years In Racing: 2
Sponsors: Dowell Inc., Cooks Custom & Paint Shop, JC3 Designs
Family: Larry, Shirley & Trevor
Job Info: N/A
Racing Accomplishments: Being able to race at least once so I co]an say I’ve followed my daddy’s footsteps(:
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#P1E – Pie Short

Drivers Hometown:Abingdon, VA
Car Owner:Duke Bare
Crew Members:Duke
Years In Racing:11 yrs
Sponsors:Duke Bare Racing, TNT Graphics, Spaztix Signs, Catch 22, Robinsons Rod Shop, WD Performance
Family:Boyfriend-Duke Bare
Job Info:RN
Racing Accomplishments:25 feature wins, 2 track championships, 2008 UCAR Rookie of the year and most wins, raced at 12 different tracks.
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#14 – Kimberly Duncan

Drivers Hometown: Rural Retreat, Va.
Car Owner: Travis Quesenberry.
Crew Members: James Graybeal, Travis Quesenberry, & the Tate family.
Years In Racing: 2 years.
Sponsors: James & Sons Roofing. Creative Dimensions. James Graybeals Body Work.
Racing Accomplishments: Crawdad winner. (2013) […]

#09 – Brandon Hale

Drivers Hometown:Swordscreek/Lebanon
Car Owner:David Perkins
Crew Members:David Perkins, Worley.
Years In Racing: Rookie
Family: Shelia Perkins, David Perkins
Job Info:none
Racing Accomplishments:TBD
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#4 – Daniel Wright

Drivers Hometown: Wytheville VA
Car Owner: Bobby Rogers
Crew Members: Deidra Woodell, Michael Monahan, Bobby Rogers, Jeremy Paynter, Michael Hedrick, RK Dix, the Tate crew and everyone else that jumps in and helps
Years In Racing: 6 years
Sponsors: Rogers Saw Sharpening, Hedricks Auto, Subway, Another Monahan Design, Wythe sheet metal, Dawn Folgesong
Family: Deidra, Sarabeth, Teaonna, Mataleen, Mom, Bubba, Nikki, The Tates
Job Info: Mechanic […]