Line ups for Non-Feature Winner Races.

Wythe Raceway GUARANTEES FIVE NEW WINNERS Saturday night.
Line ups for Non-Feature Winner Races.
Trophy Races for drivers that have not won a race this year.
Other non-feature winner’s line-up behind listed eligible drivers the top 6
First come, first served.
You are not eligible if you have a won a Feature race in the 2019 season.

Super Street:
#11, Dale Hancock; #03 Bobby Helton
#01, Ernie Atwell; […]

8-31-19 Tear Down and Penalties












Busy night tearing down and checking the engines in the top three UCARs.

and the top two Pro Minis.

1. James Graybeal: Engine met all specs.
2. Britt Johnson: Refused teardown. Disqualified.
3. Will Hostetler: Engine met all specs. Moves up to 2nd place. Rest of field also advances one position.
Pro Mini: Shawn King protested Travis Harden and Harden countered protested.
Engines were disassembled and […]