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News Update: August 24

Weather forecast looks good. The pits are in good shape. We are working on the track with anticipation of an excellent racing surface. Looks like we will have a good night for racing.

Attention: We would like to get the UCAR to park on the front. Park where the haulers park. PLEASE park at an angle, as this will be where […]

UCAR 100 Race Information ~ August 24, 2019

UCAR 100 August 24, 2019
Race Information.
1. 4:30 Pre-Race Tech Inspection for UCARs.
2. All UCARs must have UCAR Tech Sticker .
3. All UCAR drivers  must attend Drivers Meeting. 
4. Hot laps: Mod, Mini, S/Street, UCAR.
5. Must have run at least one (1) races to enter UCAR 100.
6. All Cars must make weight to start race. 
7. 100 laps: Caution laps Count; No fuel stop. 50 […]

Attention UCAR Drivers

UCAR Update:

All UCAR drivers will be eligible for free $25 pit admission for the remainder of 2019 season. This will continue into the next season and so on. We will not resort to the old payout, the UCAR payout will remain the same less deduction of $25 pit admission. Throughout the previous years of free pit admission, we have had […]